About me

Who am I? Excellent question. My name is Martin Knoll Haakansson, also known as Bumstaerk, and I'm young creative mind, living in Denmark. I was born there, in about 28 years ago. Ever since I've been facinated with creativity and was easily entertained with pen and paper.

Professionally, I've only just started out, but I've always had a passion for Web Development and have been playing around with HTML and CSS for over 10 years. I've worked as a freelance at WPDK, whose main field was WordPress Development. Here I helped shaping themes and assisted customers with their problems.

After quitting the job at WPDK I went on to start a HF Education, which is basicly High School. I did so to get a better grip and widen my options. After finishing I decided to start a Multimedie Designer education, and that's where I am today. I'm currently seeking an internship for January 2015. If this has any interest, don't hesitate to Contact me.

Technical Skills